Benefits of having cinnamon milk regularly

Cinnamon has been used in Indian ayurvedic remedies as a healing agent for thousands of years. Here are 6 benefits of having cinnamon milk.

Cure for insomnia

It’s popular wisdom that having a glass of warm milk before going to bed will help you with a sound sleep. Although, the drink’s properties will be greatly enhanced if you make one small addition to the milk while boiling; cinnamon. Being a warming tonic, cinnamon milk improves blood circulation (great for people who get cold hands and feet at night) and relaxes the body thereby allowing it to gradually wind down and drift off to sleep. It also prevents you from waking up suddenly in the middle of the night by regulating blood sugar levels (avoiding sudden spikes and crashes).

Strong bones

Cinnamon milk is great for maintaining a healthy bone density. Cinnamon itself reduces bone breakdown and helps prevent osteoporotic bone loss. Combine it with milk (which has calcium) and it becomes a powerful bone-health tonic.

Blood sugar

Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance, thereby making it a must for diabetics, weight watchers and basically anyone looking to stay healthy. It also inhibits inflammatory substances and prevents blood platelet clumping

Immunity to diseases

Healthy immune system is something which goes a long way in enjoying life, and this drink enables just that. It is a healthy practice for kids to have cinnamon milk regularly because it will help with increased immunity, which is very important especially during their growth years.


In Ayurveda, cinnamon has been used to pacify stomach disorders and balance digestion. Cinnamon milk is also an excellent remedy for people suffering from gas trouble.


Improved blood circulation (due to cinnamon milk) will take care of most of your skin problems, as it helps bring blood and oxygen to the outer surface of the skin, causing flushing away of toxins and a fuller complexion.

Note: Cinnamon in milk may be used as a powder or as a whole stick (for those who find cinnamon powder a little uncomfortable while consuming the drink). It is best if cinnamon is boiled for a few minutes with milk or steeped in hot milk for some time.

Apart from adding aroma and taste to food, spices have lots of health benefits. With some variations, milk with spices, or masala doodh (spiced milk) has been an ancient ayurvedic health tonic in India for centuries. Let us use some ancient wisdom and add a touch of good health to our hectic lives.