Health benefits of Manuka raisins

Manuka raisins

If you like having dry fruits, you’ve probably heard about raisins. They are very common in many desserts and especially Indian delicacies. These small dried grapes have a unique flavor and are packed with nutrients. There are different types od raisins, mostly because of the process of making them, and the type of grapes used. Few examples are currants, golden seedless raisins, muscat raisins etc.

In this post, we look at Monukka / Manuka Raisins.

Manuka raisins (grapes rather) are grown in Samarkand, Uzbekistan and some Himalayan regions to name a few. Manuka raisins are distinguishable by their crunchy seeds. These seeds are supposed to be eaten along and add to the nutrition.

The grapes are mostly sun-dried so they retain all of their nutritional value. They are completely non-GMO and 100% organic.

So let’s get to the benefits of manuka raisins:

Healthy skin

Manuka raisins help improve blood circulation and bring a natural glow to your skin. Also, their germicidal properties help prevent acne and other skin problems.

Healthy digestion

These fruits are rich in fibre content, and therefore will help with digestion and ease constipation. They also help flush out toxins from your body, thereby avoiding many other diseases.

Burn cholesterol

They are packed with potassium, which apart from being an essential mineral, stimulates the burning of cholesterol thereby promoting good cardiac health.

Fight anaemia

Manuka raisins contain good amounts of iron, and help fight anaemia. Also, they contain copper, which helps in production of red blood cells.

Fight cancer

Catechins are polyphenolic antioxidants that scavenge the free radicals in the body. These free radicals are the underlying cause of the spontaneous growth of cancer cells. Manuka raisins are a rich source of catechins and hence help prevent cancer.

Healthy eyes

These dry fruits contain beta carotene and therefore go a long way in maintaining good ocular health. They also slow down macular degeneration and weakening of vision with old age.

Oral and dental health

Manuka raisins contain oleanolic acid, which is known to play a cruicial role in preventing tooth decay, cavities and brittleness of teeth. It not only prevents the growth of bacteria responsible for tooth decay, but its boron content curbs the growth of oral germs thereby promoting good oral health.

Sexual health

People looking to improve their sexual health find great benefits by consuming manuka raisins. They contain arginine, an amino acid which is useful in treating erectile dysfunction and improving sperm motility.

Stronger bones

Regular consumption of manuka raisins helps promote bone health. They contain calcium and small amounts of boron; the latter facilitates absorption of calcium in the bones, making them stronger. Also, the polyphenols and antioxidants in manuka raisins have anti-inflammatory properties, which help ease arthritis pain.

Healthy weight gain

These seeded dry grapes also help healthy weight gain as they are concentrated with fructose and glucose. They are a wonderful addition to a pre-workout snack, giving you an extra energy boost, and also a way of promoting healthy weight gain, minus the cholesterol.

So, go ahead and add this guilt free crunchy treat to your daily meals and experience the benefits first hand.