Are you sure you want to know about me?

I am a rishi (monk) who has been living in the Himalayas for decades. I have now awoken from my transcendent state and wish to share my knowledge about the meaning of life with the world.

Well, no. I am kidding.

I am just another guy, living in a metropolis, who is obsessed with sustainable health. This obsession has led me not just to read up a lot on yoga, meditation and healthy eating, but also to conduct small diet and lifestyle experiments on myself to see how these remedies work. That continues to this day, and I continue to read and apply, and retain whatever works and is necessary.

When I am around people I have a habit of sharing my gyaan (knowledge) with others (some people like that, some others don’t) and trying to learn some from them too. I thought I could reach a bigger audience through a website, but more importantly, use whatever knowledge I have to make the world a little bit happier.