You are how you eat

It is no secret how undernourishment can stunt, and good nutrition can elevate the physical and mental growth of a child. Hence, it is said “You are what you eat.” In this article, however, we will explore “You are how you eat.”

So the stomach, yes that little bag in your abdominal cavity (responsible for digestion) is what gets all nutrition from the plate to each and every part of your body. So that is where most of your health begins, that is where most of your illnesses begin too.

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must be well aware that chronic constipation, acidity and digestive problems have become eerily common these days.

Yet somehow people just pop a pill, and don’t take them seriously; when in fact, these are the problems that, once they become chronic, make your body susceptible to bigger diseases, such as high blood pressure, CHD (Coronary Heart Disease), diabetes and in some cases, even cancer.

So, I give my body the best nutrition possible, what else do I do?

Irrespective of what level of physical health you are at, these 6 little tips can work wonders for your body:

  1. Chew your food, atleast 35-40 times. In an ideal scenario, you are supposed to complete 40% of your digestion in the mouth itself. So by the time it reaches the stomach, it ready to be digested optimally. Mix your saliva with your food to such an extent that you are able to swallow it like a smoothie. I know, you might say, “But who has the time?” I believe that a little time everyday, spent for your health will not only improve your productivity, it will save you weeks in sick leaves.
  2. Drink water, 40 minutes before, and at least 60-90 minutes after any meal. I cannot stress this enough. I have been practicing this for the last 6 years, and believe me I haven’t been to the doctor for digestion issues ever since. If you must, it is best to have some buttermilk instead of water; it will aid your digestion. So please, no water with meals or immediately before or after. Also, when you do have water, drink it sip by sip, like animals. You saliva mixes properly with the water and reaches your stomach which is a must for your digestive health.
  3. Have fruits only on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning. Right after you wake up in the morning, the best breakfast (or maybe pre-breakfast) you can have is a bowl of fruits. They provide your body with the necessary glucose and essential minerals to kick start your day. If you wish to eat something after, make sure you have a gap of at least an hour after having fruits.
  4. Make sure that about 40% of your diet is raw, water rich fruits and vegetables. Your body is 70% water, that should be reason enough to feed it wholesome and water rich food. Not only will your stomach thank you (because now it doesn’t have to work too hard for digestion)your body will get lots of bio-available nutrients to function optimally. Moreover, raw food is alkaline, and it will help keep your blood pH in check.
  5. Do not mix fruits / vegetables with any other food. Uncooked fruits and vegetables are the fastest digesting foods in nature. Mixing them with other food items (such as milk, yogurt) messes up the digestion as these 2 different foods have different digestion times.
  6. Limit your consumption of processed and fragmented food. Why do olive trees give olives, not olive oil? Or we have tomato plants, but not ketchup trees? Because that is not how nature intended our food to be. Try to eat food exactly the way it is found in nature; eat whole wheat instead of refined wheat flour, coconut instead of coconut oil and potatoes instead of potato chips. If it is coming out of a sealed packet, it is processed and you shouldn’t eat it. Consider this, if the packet food doesn’t spoil for years, that means even bacteria don’t want to eat it. Why do you?
  7. Be punctual with your meal, just like you are with your work. No matter what happens, eat at the same time everyday. It will reduce the chances of acidity, heartburn or bloating and even overeating.

So there it is. If you watch on how you feed yourself, you will most certainly keep most diseases at bay. Have you tried or experienced any of these things? If yes, I’ll be happy to know your views too. Please comment below. Cheers!